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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Body Bling

I don't know about you but I am sucker for all things sparkly.  You may call me Magpie!  I was a dedicated aficianado of the Estee Lauder gold body oil when they launched it years ago, but they discontinued it it seems.

On a visit to Selfridges, Manchester (Exchange Sq) with my sis years ago, we both spotted the Scott Barnes Body Bling.  It was in a simple cylinder case calling our name.  We did not buy it that time, which was a case of more fool us as it then seemed to disappear off the radar for months.

Scott Barnes Body Bling
£24.95 from Beauty Bay
When I was looking around for Xmas pressies this year, I thought I'd look again for this, and lo and behold, I found it on Beauty Bay, so I bought this quicker than you could say Tanned Santa!  This was in a long line of Xmas pressies of "one for you and one for me!"'d be rude not to, right!?

This product is an instant colour you apply as a body moisturiser really.  I apply it after moisturiser though.  As it is brown, you can see where you apply it and rub in further where needed.

It gives a lovely golden finish and instant tan without the fake tan faff!  I absolutely love it as it dries quickly, lasting colour, never transfers to clothes and makes you look super healthy!  It is not a cheap product at £24.95, but you can rarely get one spray tan for that, and this will last you months.  They do it it the Original colour (as above) or in Platinum too.  I have not tried the Platinum though as it is for fairer skin, and I am quite olive.

Be sure to wash it off thoroughly in the shower though as when I say it lasts, it does!  Don't make the mistake of not washing it off properly then drying yourself on a nice clean, white, fluffy towel! 

This product is perfect now we are moving into Summer when wondering what products to buy for hols.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Me wearing Body Bling for my Xmas Do so you can see how great it looks!  Instant glowing tan!

So go get yourself some Blingtastic Body Bling and glow healthily!
Blingtastic love
Kate xxx


  1. I ADORE ANYTHING SPARKLY. You loook gorgeous with it on.

    I might have to invest.

    Sarah Betty xx

  2. Looks fab on you! I want something without colour but puts a shin/glitter on my skin. Any recommendations?

    1. Hey Mich. I think you should try it. But if it's still a no, try Carita oil. Gorgeous gold body oil. Smells of bergamot. Or Nuxe Prodigieuse, no smell. I've used both. Both around £25 I think. Keep me posted xxx

    2. oh Michelle Miss Pink is right try the Nuxe i love this makes your skin super soft and shimmery without the colour, I sometimes put in my hair and have a sleek shimmery pony :) xx

    3. Ooo lovely! Xxx like the sound of that! Love Carita oil for its bergamot smell xxx

  3. I have to admit, your skin does look amazing with this product on it. I'm also a terrible sucker for bling. Loving your blog ;) xx

  4. I am also a bit of a sucker for this type of body shimmer. I love La Perla's body cream that has a delicious smell and just the right hint of glimmer. You've reminded me to invest again before my summer holiday.

  5. Love Body Bling, so easy to apply and looks so natural


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