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Monday, 2 April 2012

Retail Therapy - new shoes!

I don't know about you, but after a rubbish morning, I thought the only fitting solution would be to go shopping!  Retail therapy doesn't half cheer us girls up!  So off I went into town.

A pair of nude and a pair of black patent slingbacks for work - about 4" heels.  So more summery due to the slingback but not toe curling freezing when it is not so warm.

Nothing of the sort!

I wandered into Office, Schuh and Clarks (yes I know, it was on my way!).  There was nothing to be seen so I was getting disheartened.  I did see these Ted Baker (Svana) ones in Office but they were £120.  There were also peep toe which ideally I do not want.

Ted Baker Svana at Office - £120
 I did not want to spend that much as I had seen some in John Lewis for £75 each, so that was perfect.  Well, that was until John Lewis sold out!  So onwards I went!

I wandered into TK Maxx.  Now, I don't do rummaging, as frankly I cannot be bothered.  However, the shoes were on the same floor as the entrance and pretty neatly lined up.  Winning.

I was after some Birkenstocks as mine are on their last legs and they are my "put the bin out slash dash to the car shoes" so when I saw they had them in, I thought Charlie Sheen again - winning!  I'm always a size smaller in Birkenstocks than usual, and these pearlised white ones fitted perfectly.

Pearlised White Birkenstocks - TK Maxx - £24.99

Pearlised White Birkenstocks - TK Maxx - £24.99 - close up

So, when I saw the T-Bar ones in pink, I thought "it'd be rude not to!" So I got these too!

Pink Toe Post Birkenstocks - £29.99

So clearly, by this point, I had not bought anything I intended!  Though replenishing my stocks!  As I threw out around 40 pairs of shoes in January (I have a mahoosive annual throw out - will blog that in Jan 2013 - planning!) I continued in that vein, as I needed to replace by black peep toes I threw out, so I opted for these.  These will go perfectly with my LBD for Work (see that post from yesterday here).

BCBGeneration £29.99
So 3 pairs of shoes for less than £85.  Now, that is what I call a bargain!

I still do need my slingback patent nude and black heels, so be sure to keep me posted if you see any during your retail therapy travels!

Fabulicious love!
Kate xxx

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  1. I am a massive shoeaholic and nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me feel better when i'm feeling a bit low than buying a new pair of shoes. Especially shoes with uber high heels. They're my oxygen!

    I've also been on the look out for some new Birkenstocks for a while, so will be heading straight to TK Maxx when I get back to London at the weekend.

    Keep up the good work Miss Pink. Loving your posts!



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