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Saturday, 14 April 2012

YSL Tributes - In The Pink

I am writing this post listening to The Pasadenas "Tribute" track as I thought this was fitting for my shoe post!

As you know, I am keen on pink (understatement I know!), so when I saw YSL had launched their Tribute sandal in petal pink, I actually thought I had died and gone to pink shoe heaven.  I planned on getting these shoes at the end of the month as a treat, however, as we all know, best laid plans and all that...!

So I was in Manchester for Manchester Fashion Week, and fortunately the shops were open after  the show had finished.  My plan was to go and look at the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo bag for my Sis' 40th pressie then pop to Harvey Nicks for a long overdue Serendipity cocktail (no longer on the menu so you need to ask for it!)

I had to walk past the shoe department to get to the restaurant - they do this on purpose don't they?! I had not previously tried on the Tribs, so was more curious than anything at this stage.  I had been trolling around Manchester for a little while now in high heels (naturally!), so my feet were tired, so this was a real test.

I was totally amazed how comfortable these shoes were.  They are 140mm high including the 30mm platform.  Even the male sales assistant said to me he could tell how comfortable I felt from the way I was parading around the shoe department.  I however relented and walked away.....

So on I went to savour the delish Serendipity upstairs, and who was to Whatsapp me but @Stylisa!  Lisa had just purchased the Chanel purse to match her classic bag so was sharing the occasion with me - we always do this btw!  I started to tell her about my YSL lust, and Lisa said I should just go and buy them.

Who was I to argue?!

So I told the barman to hold the ice, trolled downstairs and made my way to YSL Heaven.

With Flash
My heart did sink though when the Sales Asst showed me how scuffed they were, and then brought out another "faulty" box.  YSL have in fact recalled the Petal Pink Tributes due to the scuffing issues.  The ones I tried on though were hardly scuffed, so being me, negotiated some discount, made the purchase, then went upstairs to drink my congratulatory Serendipity!

No Flash
 The leather is really lovely with that really new leathery smell!  I think they will look great with a pretty white embroidery anglaise dress, or more funked up with my battered boyfriend jeans and pink t-shirt. Or maybe my (well I say my, but I bought it for my Mum, and reclaimed it!) Ferre lattice white shirt and jeans.  Either way, the options are endless I am sure!

I hope you love my pink purchase as much as me!
Fabulicious love
Kate xxx


  1. Absolutely gorgalicious!!!



  2. Gorgeous! And so you :-) x

    1. Thank you darling! Sweet you always comment. Really appreciate it xxx

  3. Katy they are gorgeous. Glad you got them!

  4. Such a gorgeous colour, give them a kiss from me!

  5. Love that first picture :) I have gotta try a pair, how comfy for a night out are they do you reckon? xx

    1. Ah thanks Selina! You absolutely must. Don't get me wrong, they are HIGH. But they are comfy. I wore for 6 hours. Didn't walk very far throughout the evening, but my feet did not hurt at all. Keep me posted on your Trib Debut xxx

  6. Absolutely adore them! And you're right about Tribs being comfy. My Tribtoo's have been worn to death, and i've worn them for over 12 hours on more occasions than I care to remember. Saving up for my next pair now. X

    1. Ooo good! The girls in the shop said the Toos were steeper too in their heel, so go yo wearing them for 12hour+ stints! Thanks for commenting xxx

  7. WOW those are some shoes!


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