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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of those days that has my middle sister citing "commercial crap!" along with Valentine's Day.

I feel quite ambivalent about it depending on how I'm getting on with my Mum at the time! I'm definitely a Daddy's Girl, and whilst I get on perfectly well with my Mum, she's not the best communicator. I put that down to her being an only child.

That said, my Mum's had life saving surgery last year so this year I've gone all out for Mother's Day as she is in recovery and will be for a good few years.

I have twitter to thank for some of the gifts I'll be giving my Mum. I've Harrods to thank for the Guerlain Shalimar perfume, as well as Ree and Very clothing for the biggest box of chocolates you've ever seen! I'd already taken advantage of the M&S 20% discount off womenswear a few weeks ago, so stocked up on powder blue jeans and a cardi as well as fresh white clothes for my Mum's slimmer figure moving into Spring/Summer. I'm always the dedicated family shopper, so I am pleased with my purchases for my Mum, and hope she will be too.

Today is a family day for us. All sisters together with my Mum and my gorgeous Nephew who absolutely idolises his Nanny. My older sister is like Nigella where her cooking is concerned. She makes the most epic cupcakes, so we all look forward to sampling those!

So what's your thoughts on Mother's Day - commercialism or a time to give thanks? What do you like and expect if you're a Mum?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Wishing all Mummies and everyone a wonderful day today.

Kate x


  1. I always spoil my Mum, we get on incredibly well, but then I expect the same from my husband (on behalf of our 4 sons!) And it rarely happens. His father is hopeless, and that's all he knows....

    1. Thanks for the very 1st comment Sam! It works! Hoping you do get spoilt though! You deserve to with 4 boys! xxx


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