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Friday, 23 March 2012


Seeing as I'm a Twitter addict, it's only fitting that I write a blog post about it!

I was at my older sister's in January 2010 when she said, "You ought to get on Twitter, you'd love it." I totally did not understand it then. I was like, "Is it just a multiple Facebook status update?! What's the point?!"

Needless to say, I signed up, followed some celebs and got going. I did not get Twitter for a long while. As for the hashtags (#), I was like What. The. Hell?! Then the #FollowFridays started and I was flummoxed!

For someone with very little patience, I thought I'd bear with it!  So I did!

One of my very first people I engaged with was Really Ree (@ReallyRee - fab fashion & beauty blogger) as I tweeted about spending £50+ on birthday cards, and she thought it was hilarious! We've been firm buddies ever since, even meeting up on occasions.

Being interested in fashion, I followed a lot of the brands and stores. Top Shop are invariably the worst brand on Twitter. Never reply. Never engage. Just brand bash. Not. Good. Needless to say they are not only unfollowed, they're missing a trick!  Some other brands are better including @MarchesaFashion and of course @HarrodsOfLondon. See previous blog post!

Some restaurants go on an RT frenzy when customers mention good service. Yes @SanCarlo_Group, I'm looking at you! Moderation and intermittent RTs are sufficient, thank you! Some other restaurants are totally spot on. Take Newcastle based @NinosTheGate. They tweet informally, posting pictures of daily delicious treats whilst engaging and encouraging followers all the while.

So what's the secret to twitter success?! Here's my tips, which are of course not exhaustive, let alone gospel!
  1. Engage: This is my Number 1 tip. If you don't respond to followers, they'll unfollow you. Equally, ensure you proactively engage and respond to tweets. There are many tweeters out there that only reply to a reply! This gives the impression of aloofness and self importance and doesn't appeal. I've unfollowed plenty of people (non celebs!) who shall remain nameless. Never replying to tweets is just rude. Don't get me started on East Midland Trains @EMtrains! This needs a blog post all of its own!
  2. Respond: Replying in a timely manner for stores/businesses is essential. This is absolutely key for increasingly your social media credibility and perceived customer service level. Again, Harrods are the only ones that excel here.  Even person-to-person timely responses are important.  I have unfollowed many people who never responded to my tweets.
  3. Humour: This is essential! The number of times I've guffawed at a mere 140 characters is countless!
  4. Tweet regularly: There's nothing worse than following dormant accounts.  What's the point?!  But some people argue too much tweeting is equally as off putting *puts fingers in ears la-la-la*
  5. Meaningful #FFs: Whilst it's always lovely to be #FFd (as it were!) being part of a list is pretty pointless and seeing lists of #FF is akin to timeline clutter. I only ever pay attention to those #FF that have a meaningful explanation as to why I should follow said person. Otherwise I just scroll right on passed! One #FF per tweet is ideal! I actually do not do #FFs much anymore. Think they seemed to have generally dwindled off.

  1.  Don't ask celebs for RTs for mundane things. Ever. Even constant charity requests get boring as they lose impact!
  2. Don't get too political or tweet extreme religious views as this is very divisory, and will just invariably cause a ruckus
  3. Don't follow thousands of people if you only have a few hundred followers. When people check your profile, this is an instant disincentive to follow you as it looks like you're a follower freak who isn't interesting due to your high follower:following ratio
  4. Don't apologise for not tweeting or a Twitter absence - no one cares!
The best people on Twitter are normal non-celebs. I've met some wonderful people as a result of Twitter, and always know the news and gossip before the rest of mankind!

So with close to 80,000 tweets to my name, long may Twitter continue to be my social media of choice and 140 character engagement!

What's your twitter thoughts?!
Twitterlicious love!
Kate x


  1. Thanks for the mention Pinkie!!

    Yes I will always remember that £50 spent on cards tweet. You total nutter!!


  2. Kate, I LOVE this post. I think it needs to be on the twitter front page! Xx

  3. Kate, I LOVE this post. I think it needs to be on the twitter front page! Xx


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