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Friday, 30 March 2012


I hate smoking!

Let's get that right out there!  My parents both smoke - until my Mum contracted lung cancer last August that is, so it is not that I have not been used to it.  When the smoking in public places ban came in, it was music to my ears.  Gone were the days of coming home from a night out with your hair and clothes reaking of stale smoke. Vanished were those plane journeys where walking up the aisle to the back of the plane was akin to entering a music video with all the dry ice!  Banished were those days....or so I thought!

So what I don't understand is smoking outside restaurants and bars. 

Let me put this into context as I can imagine those smokers having a raging fit thinking "where the hell can we smoke if we cannot smoke outside?!"  My honest answer to that is anywhere in your own confines away from the public, but my sensible answer is more diplomatic!

When we have the infrequent opportunity of sitting outside of restaurants to enjoy the rare sunshine, this does not mean this is a smokers' haven.  What this means is that we all want to enjoy the sunshine together in peace and harmony.

So what I absolutely take TOTAL exception to is sitting next to someone, inches away on the next table, who then lights up. I mean, you're not allowed to do this inside, so what makes you think it is acceptable to do this inches away from me outside?!

I honestly think it is just thoughtless.  Insofar as the smoker actually does not realise the affect they have on non-smokers.

Smokers should have a designated area outside of bars/restaurants so they can readily enjoy their cigarettes amongst fellow smokers.  Not in sight or near distance of non-smokers and/or the bar/resto entrance.

In addition, all smokers also need to be more self-aware and understand the impact of their behaviour.  I would not go around squirting my fragrance over you (which is of course delicious!) as I know not all of you would like it!  I would not go around wafting you with a bottle of exhaust fumes (which is in essence not dissimiliar to the fumes of cigarettes) as it is rude and dangerous.

So what makes smokers think that blowing smoke and smoking around us is acceptable?!

I had to leave a coffee shop the other day as 3 people on the next table were smoking.  It totaly ruined my sunshine outdoor experience and left my very angry.  I have asked people before to move, I will continue to do so.

What are your thoughts on smoking outside in a confined space?
Would love to hear your views!
Kate x


  1. I totally agree with you. It's so annoying. I get people smoke, I get they no longer can do it insider, but there should be an area like 1 mile away for them or something...xx

  2. It's a really tricky one this Kate... personally I don't drink very much (alcohol) and if there is one thing that drives me crazy, it's sitting next to people getting slowly more pissed, more loud and more obnoxious and basically intruding on everyone nearby..I think what it comes down to is the awareness of being respectful of others space whether that's smoking or drinking or whatever. As an occasional smoker I try to be really mindful of the fact that other people don't like smoke. In fact, I can't believe we used to be able to smoke in the cinema, the tube!! and on the top deck of buses.. it seems unbelievable now. And, somewhat madly, I don't even like designated smoking areas because they are generally too smoky! However, I think that banning smoking outside is a step too far: other countries where outside dining is more usual have a far more tolerant attitude to smoking. You had a bad experience I think because three people puffing away in a tight outside space really effected your space, but if it had been say one smoker with tables widely spaced in a larger outside area it probably wouldn't upset you at all - you'd barely notice. So, it's down to smokers being more mindful, I think.


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