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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's in my bag?!

I was inspired to write this post by my good Twitter friend Jo Holt (@JoJoMoJo_71;  Jo blogged about what was in her bag, so I thought I'd have a go at that too!

I am one of those people that pretty much changes my bag depending on what I am wearing, so I attempt to keep the level of clutter and rubbish down to a minimum - in theory!  I am having a "no holds barred " bag insight here, so I may be shocked by its contents too, so let's see!

My daily bag is my Mulberry EastWest Bayswater.  I treated myself to this bag last February and I bought it from the wonderful Harrods with Sharon (@SharonAWilliams).

Mulberry East West Bayswater (Black) - Harrods - £595

So let's start with the purse and sunnies!  Essentials!

Bulgari Black 8016-B Sunnies and Mulberry purse

I absolutely LOVE my Mulberry purse as it is pink and shiny!  Very me!  My sisters bought me this for my birthday a few years ago - though I did prompt!!  It's a very grown up purse with plenty of room for cards, notes that don't have to be folded and a zip part for coins.  It's ace.  The only thing is, when I went to Sweden for work, I put it next to my passport and the passport logo rubbed off on the purse leather.  Gutted!

Today I swapped out my VB sunnies for the black Bulgaris.  I ALWAYS carry sunnies - in the vain hope that the sun will come out - yes even in the depths of winter!  I was wearing black and pink today so of course they had to match the outfit.  I bought these sunnies 4 years ago from Sunglass Hut in Manchester.  I asked for 30% discount, and they obliged!  They were pretty expensive, so thought I would ask!  If you don't ask you don't get!  As my previous boss says, "Shy Baerns get nowt!"  A motto which I live by!  I always haggle!  Father's Daughter!

Next up - lippies!

Top Row - L-R - QTICA solid gold nail oil gel, Mac Curvaceous gloss, Chanel No.19 gloss, New ID Cosmetics gloss- Spice Berry, Mac spice lip liner
Bottom Row - L-R - Mac Faux (pink) lipstick, Chanel SPF15 Hydrating lip treatment, Mac Cherish (nude)  lipstick
As you can readily tell, I like my lippies and glosses!  I am a big fan of Mac as they do great colours and are relatively cheap.  I love Mac glosses too as they are rich albeit a bit sticky.  Mac Spice is my go-to lip liner.  I  have been using it for years, even since I got my lips Mac'd at the Kings Road store Chelsea 10+ years ago.

I bought the Chanel No.19 lipgloss from Selfridges when I was last in London for London Fashion Week.  The trip where I was 2 hours late to meet the girls, but that's another story!  Sharon (@SharonAWilliams) was donning this super sexy gloss that stayed on, so we all had a go.  The next day I went out to buy it.  Everyone wants it now - sis, Mum etc!

The Chanel lip treatment is the *best* lip balm I have ever used.  It is hydrating without being claggy and it's  uber-moisturising.  I absolutely love it and would be another Desert Island item! It's perfect for holidays for reapplying whilst chillaxing by the pool.

I bought the QTICA Solid Gold nail oil gel after having a mani in the spa at Hawks Cay last October.  I am a cuticle picker I am afraid, so I am always putting oils on to help repair and prevent!  It is fantastic.  The tiniest amount is needed and it rubs in from a gel to an oil and also has antiseptic in. It was about $13 I think, so money well spent.

Small Denman hairbrush, iPhone 3GS
You always need a brush to tend to your locks and I do not go *anywhere* without my trusty iPhone 3GS.  I love the hard leather pink case that I recently picked up from HMV Oxford Street.  It was reduced from £30 to £2!  I love a bargain!

And for the boring bits:

Tissues, wipes, car key, lots of pain killers, plasters and old tube ticket
I said I would include everything, so you have the warts and all! 
What's in your bag?

I look forward to your comments!
Fabulicious love!
Kate x


  1. How many lippies?? Love it xxx

  2. Great post and i'm honoured to feature in it, not once, but twice! Glad you have so many lipglosses as I have about 7 in my Bayswater :-) Great minds think alike. X


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